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TOPIC: How to stop a project in Pre Project Stage?

How to stop a project in Pre Project? 2 months 3 weeks ago #504

  • Rafael Moore
  • Rafael Moore's Avatar Topic Author
I want to know the answer of the following question: How to stop a project in Pre Project stage? For example when executive during preparation of outline business case finds the project not viable. Well, in later stages we have directing a project process on place and the project board can make appropriate decision. But during pre project stage from formal point of view directing a project process doesn't exist - that starts after this stage. So, what can be done? Wait until project manager prepares project brief, next stage plan and applies for the project board decision re. project initiation? Executive already knows that business justification of the project is not valid - why to loose time preparing project brief etc.? Any ideas?

How to stop a project in Pre Project? 2 months 3 weeks ago #505

  • Antonella Conetti
  • Antonella Conetti's Avatar Topic Author
In order to halt resources being waisted on a non-viable project; the executive should request a meeting to give heads up about the non-viable business case and motivate his vision to close the project immediately.

How to stop a project in Pre Project Stage? 2 months 3 weeks ago #506

  • Joshua Collet
  • Joshua Collet's Avatar Topic Author
A compementary answer can be as follows: If a project is in Pre-project Stage, and a decision is made of not going ahead with the project, we should first archive whatever R&D was done on the project and save all documents, POCs, etc. for future use as if in case something similar comes up in future or we decide to proceed with the same project. Also, since its not initiated we shouldn't wait to create project brief, project plan etc. The executive or Program/Portfolio manager can take the decision of halting all active work on the project.
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