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3 months 1 day ago #584

Kathy Castle

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I recommend you to read this article regarding schedule compression techniques.
Fast Tracking vs Crashing
3 months 1 day ago #582

Romano Tenstone

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Dear Dennis

Perform different scenarios to analyze what is the impact of assigning more resources. Just create as many duplicates of your schedule you want saving them under a different file name. Input the assumptions on each schedule and compare the outcomes.

You can try the following recommendations
Adding resources such as instead of one engineer/crew assign two to same activity.
Alternatively split the activity into chuncks that can work at same time or with some overlap.
Adding shifts such as a crew working during the day and another crew working at night on same activity
Increasing the overlap of activities.
Changing the whole crew includding equipment to a higer production crew.
3 months 1 day ago #581

Dennis Tunaround

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Dear Experts

I am working as a project planner, mainly product development project plannings with a lot of engineering tasks which I have all scheduled from a starting date onwards and then resulting in an end date.

Now the question I need to answer is how can we speed up a project?
Is there for example a type of resource which is the bottle neck?
What would the effect be if we would use additional external resources?

Please share your experiences.
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